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Our Facility

Oakwood Aged Care is a sprawling 78 bed, single story facility divided into two wings, East and West. Our residents are able to choose to socialise in the two large lounge areas or spend quieter time in one of the small sitting areas dotted around the facility. A visitors room is also available for those who wish to spend private time with family and friends.

Outdoors, residents are once again spoilt for choice as there are restful enclosed courtyards and small garden areas to relax in as well as the spacious main garden which includes a large shady pergola so outdoor activities can take place regardless of weather conditions.

In addition to a variety of dining and lounge areas we offer a choice of bedrooms at Oakwood Aged Care. Single rooms, with or without ensuite and double rooms allow residents to decide which style of accommodation best meets their needs.

All bedrooms at Oakwood Aged Care have a garden view and are in close proximity to a communal area. We encourage residents to personalise their bedroom with a favourite bedcover, photos, art and mementos so that they always feel comfortable and right at home.