Rates & Charges

When deciding on where you want to live there is a lot to consider including the cost involved. All aged care providers charge fees to cover the cost of care, accommodation and living expenses but these can vary depending on your personal needs, your circumstances and what home you choose to live in.

Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) and Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)

Residents entering Oakwood Aged Care who are not supported by the government, will be able to pay for their accommodation payments as a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP), an equivalent Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or a combination of both.

The level of RAD or DAP payable will be dependent upon the room type and the ability to pay depending on the level of assets prior to entry. This will determined by Centrelink prior to admission.

At Oakwood Aged Care, there are three levels of RADs and DAPs available:

If a resident decides to use a combination of RAD and DAP, the DAP can be deducted from your RAD every month.

Basic Daily Fee

This fee covers your day-to-day living costs such as meals, laundry, heating and cleaning. It is approximately 85% of the single aged care pension. Every person in a residential aged care home is required to pay this fee. Payment is required in advance and there is a variety of options for paying your account including direct debit and centrepay.

Means-tested Care Fee

This fee contributes to your day-to-day care costs. The Department of Human Services will determine whether we will ask you to pay this fee based on your income and assets. If so, this payment is also in advance.

Accommodation Fee

This fee covers your accommodation – the room that you’ll live in at Oakwood. The Department of Human Services will determine whether you are required to pay this fee based on your income and assets. Their assessment will also outline your payment options.

Every room at a care home has a price that is based upon the room type and its features. If you’re a non-concessional resident, there are three payment options available:


Refundable Accommodation Deposit or RAD

This is a lump sum payment (the room price) that is fully refundable when you leave.

Daily Accommodation Payment or DAP

This is a daily payment of interest on the room price. The Department of Human Services sets the Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) that you pay.

A Combination of Both RAD and DAP

You can choose to pay part of your RAD, and a DAP on the remaining amount.

All options and combinations can be discussed with management but we advise you to seek independent financial advice.

Payment of Accounts

A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) can be paid by cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer. Accounts are generated at the beginning of each month for the month ahead (in advance). Accounts can be paid via direct debit, electronic funds transfer or centrepay.